Over 1,000 Pounds of Hash Seized in Historic Pakistan Bust

Over 1,000 Pounds of Hash Seized in Historic Pakistan Bust

A Pakistani Anti-Narcotics official organises hashish that was seized in a drug bust in Karachi on November 15, 2011. The authorities arrested two individuals in the raid, seizing 10.2 tonnes of hashish worth of 5.7 million USD, which was destined for Germany. AFP PHOTO / RIZWAN TABASSUM

Acting on a tip, the Pakistani Coast Guard recently recovered 597 kg of hash, a little more than 1,000 pounds, while examining a truck near a check post in Windar. Officials found a secret compartment within the truck’s fuel tank that contained the drugs. The estimated value of the hashish was just under $140,000.

The truck was reportedly loaded with apple crates to disguise the smell of the hash. This discovery comes on the heels of one of the nation’s largest drug busts in history when 3 tons of hash bound for the Middle East was confiscated in Pasni. With an estimated street value of $50 million, officials confiscated two vehicles and an oil tanker in this discovery.

The recovery team actually cut into the oil tanker in order to retrieve the 3 tons of drugs that were stored on board.

Four men have been arrested in connection with these two incidents. According to Pakistani officials, one of the men under arrest was listed as one of the nation’s most wanted smugglers. The names of the men arrested, however, are currently being withheld.

Pakistan is part of a key smuggling route for all drugs. Afghanistan is a key producer of hashish and puts a third of their drug supplies through Pakistani routes so it can reach its destination.