We Now Live In The Age Of The “Weed Sasquatch”

We Now Live In The Age Of The “Weed Sasquatch”


No, that wasn’t that last monster dab you took: a giant Sasquatch made out of weed really did just walk into the middle of the local news. In what was either a startling discovery of a new species of beast or a mildly amusing prank, a monster seemingly composed of big green buds entered into the background of a recent Massachusetts TV station weather report.

WWLP 22News was probably glad to get a break from covering the ridiculous snowstorms the region has been suffering from. Storm Team Meteorologist Jennifer Pagliei was doing a field report Thursday, covering a bevy of snow which she claimed the local plows couldn’t even keep up with.

In the middle of her report, a green monster began to lumber into the background of the shot. It wasn’t until Pagliei and the camera turned to the street to get a shot of the relentless downpour that the meteorologist released she was being photo bombed by a weed creature. She started to crack up, but gained enough composure to finish the piece.

Since then the “Pot Sasquatch” / “Weed Sasquatch” / “Potsquatch” has entered the screens and hearts of millions via the daily chew toy of viral video.

Potsquatch, it turns out, is not so magical. He is the mascot of the Springfield, Massachusetts cannabis shop Potco. The establishment is, according to its owner Dave Mech, the “Costco for marijuana.” In fact, Mech is the Potsquatch. “I actually saw them out there and decided to pay a little visit, say hello,” he told Mass Live.

Mech had originally created the mascot during one particularly stimulating brainstorming sesh. “I was thinking of Sasquatch, Karen the designer though of a ghillie suit, and what would come to mind – Potsquatch,” the entrepreneur said.

Then the move that made him and the store viral kings for a day just came as a serrendipitus accident. “I saw them setting up and said this might be fun,” Mech said. “I don’t wear it that often because some of the leaves are fragile, but it didn’t break when I fell in the middle of the street, which was good.”