Even as we make great strides toward medical and recreational marijuana, some people in need are getting left behind – infirmed children, government employees, Texans  – and now, maybe most unjustly, NBA players.

According to league bylaws, players can’t smoke the weed. Even if they get injured in a game against the Jazz and a doctor gives them a script. Even if they play for the Denver, where it’s straight-up legal, their home stadium smells like dro, and their team is called the Nuggets. For a player, THC in a blood test can result in a 5 game suspension and entrance into substance abuse counseling. Did someone just forget to rewrite the rules since 1950?

It’s quite possible that the rare NBA player smokes weed on occasion. It’s also possible that a lot of them smoke it constantly. And is that weed falling out of Kevin Durant’s SUV? Either way, TMZ recently decided to find out what the pro basketball players think of the league’s antiquated ganj rules.

Turns out, surprisingly 10 out of 10 anonymous players polled by TMZ said they were in favor of abolishing the league’s marijuana restrictions.

Said one player, “The NBA shouldn’t advertise for it, but I don’t see an issue if a player uses [with a prescription].”

No solid plans to change league rules anytime soon, but an NBA representative told TMZ that the issue could be brought up during the next collective bargaining sessions in 2017. Till then, ballers are just going to have to keep their weed a little more on the D.L. than Durant.

Photo via SFGate.com