Some community may about to see an inflation in hash oil cartridge prices, after 10,000 units of the stuff came into the position of the Nebraska State Troopers last Friday. Actually, to be exact, it was only 9,550 cartridges, estimated at a street value of $238,000, which was seized by troopers from a brand new 2018 Nissan Rogue.

As reported by 9News, the Rogue hadn’t even been pulled over. It’s driver had just been “engaged in a conversation” with a trooper when the trooper started to become suspicious of the fellow with the shiny new hatchback.

In addition to big haul of hash oil cartridges, authorities also discovered a handgun in the vehicle. The car’s driver, David Poarch, 58, was taken into custody and charged with possession with intent to deliver, no drug tax stamp, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, possession of a firearm during a felony drug violation and carrying a concealed weapon.

While it’s very bad news for Mr. Poarch, this could be good news for some distributors of contraband down south. Poarch was from Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, a city not far outside of Lafayette. We’re just guessing here, but it’s very possible that Poarch was attempting to bring the sweet concentrate offerings of a state with legal cannabis extraction such as Colorado to his hometown. That route could have brought him through Nebraska on I-80, which is where he was arrested.

Since hash oil is decidedly Schedule I down in Louisiana, there’s probably a healthy market for quality concentrate brought in from elsewhere.

I-80 is of course known as a main vein of cannabis traffic across this great country of ours. Just last month we reported on a couple of big loads of cannabis intercepted by Nebraska’s boys in blue along that very same stretch of road. And the cottage industry of lawyers who specialize just in cannabis busts along I-80.

Maybe it’s time to start digging tunnels like El Chappo.