An 11 year old in the gifted and talented program has been suspended after the principle thought he found a marijuana leaf in his backpack. The student attends Bedford Middle School in Virginia. The student, who is the son of 2 teachers, has been forced to enrol in an alternative education program and also has to be homeschooled as a result. He was even evaluated by a psychiatrist because many believed that the leaf in his bag was marijuana and therefore he had to attend treatment for substance abuse problems. On top of all this, he has also been charged with marijuana possession and made to attend a juvenile court. Since all this has happened, he now suffers from panic attacks and he is depressed that his life is over. He also has worries that he might never get into college.

The problem with this story however is that the leaf that the principle found isn’t what they thought it was. The leaf was tested three times in total and it showed up negative every single time. Because of this, the courts have dropped their case against the child but the school wasn’t as sensible. There are stringent drug policies in Virginia and imitation drugs are considered to be identical to real ones in order to exact discipline on the students.

The student has now been allowed to go back to school this week, but not he one he was expelled from. He’s not with his peers and he is currently under strict probation until September. He is to be searched for drugs before and after school every day until his probation has come to an end.