The world is now out almost 16 tons of hashish after a bust off the coast of Malaga, Spain. Authorities are valuing the haul at about $26.5 million on the Spanish market. The seizure will likely have an effect on the drug market of the Mediterranean, where authorities determined the vessel was headed. So, if you got some hash in that neck of the woods, scarcity may be spiking your prices.

The country’s Guardia Civil found the monster load beneath the false bottom of an 85-meter vessel flying the Congolese flag and going by the name of Just Reema.

The international investigation that resulted in the seizure was coordinated through Europol and involved the team up of romance language propagators Spain, France and Italy. The hash was well concealed under 1,500 tons of salt, but upon bringing the vessel to shore and searching it more thoroughly, the massive amount of sticky contraband was apprehended.

The ships entire crew of nine (six Syrian and three Indian nationals) was arrested. The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) claims the seizing of 22 vessels shipping up to 30 tons of hashish apiece by European police forces in the area over the last two and a half years.

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