2 Chainz has a new agenda. He wants to show the world how real he can be, and being the rapper he is, the world was shocked when they saw him on the Nancy Grace show discussing the legalization of marijuana. Boasting a 4.0 GPA in college, Chainz certainly has plenty of knowledge to offer, though. And not just from schooling. In his interview with Her Holy Ratdick, he stated that he had planted seeds before putting together some of his songs.

The surprise debate with Tarbox came about like so many of these sort of things, with a phone call between management.  With his new project coming out, Chainz felt interest from the Grace camp could bring light to certain aspects of himself and his scene to new audiences, as well as onto certain hypocrisies being thrown around. And as planned, the conservative parasite’s campaign seemed to backfire as people felt surprised and impressed by Chainz’s composure.

In response to this, 2 Chainz said he feels excited and humbled by the whole reception. Nancy Grace is so often made to look like the braying ass she is, it’s a wonder people noticed this as different. And are also not trying to wipe her constantly. Like a soiled bum. Needless to say, Mr. Chainz and Mrs. Rectal Wind probably won’t speak again for quite some time.