Annett and Sebastien Cotte didn’t plan to come to Atlanta until their son Jagger passed away. The only other way they could come back is if Georgia puts forward a bill that legalizes medical marijuana.

When Jagger was 15 months old, he was told by doctors that he wouldn’t make it to 3 years old. Jagger beat the odds and made it. But a few months ago, the family moved to Colorado so they could treat his seizures with cannabis oil. “He has fewer seizures, but we can’t come home if we don’t have a bill,” Annette Cotte said.

The Cottes are far from alone. Many others have fled the state to pursue lawful medication.

Georgia is currently at war over two different bills-:one would legalize cannabis oil and the other one would not. Allen Peake’s House Bill I is being put against Senate Bill 185. The House Bill I would allow you to possess up to 20 ounces of cannabis oil at any one time, but it wouldn’t be any more than 5% THC.

Of the 23 states that permit medical marijuana with no legal limits on THC, 12 have limitations on the amount of THC that can be in a medicine.

Only time will tell which bills get through and which bills don’t, however the Jagger family and many other medical marijuana refugees are certainly hoping for the bill that allows marijuana oil.