Good weed is getting more and more democratic. You don’t have to know a guy who knows a guy to get it anymore. If you’re lucky enough to live in one of the more enlightened states with either legal recreational marijuana or breezy medical marijuana laws, you don’t have to know nobody. Just compare the pot shop ratings on Yelp.

But if anybody can get hooked up with the good stuff, then how do you prove your status in the world of weed. Where are the Cadillacs and Cristal Champagnes of weed? You can get a twenty grand designer piece from Darby Holm if you want, but even then you’re smoking the same shit the dude with a five dollar one-hitter is getting high with.

Luckily for all you bougie snobs out there, the good people at VICE uncovered the bougiest, snobbiest, most high-faluting cannabis products in the continent. A reporter went by the 416 Medicinal Health Center in Toronto and took a look at some of their crazy-pricey wares. Here’s some of the good-good shit they found:

Flower: God’s Vagina 2.0 and Afghani Bullrider

$430/ounce or $15/gram

These strains sell for twice as much as most others in Toronto. What makes them so special?

“It’s the love that goes into it,” 416 employee Amy Weinstein told VICE. “Not many people put that amount of care into their plants.” She said that the Afghani Bullrider took three decades to get right and that they exclusively sell the indica-heavy hybrid strain.

“People are willing to pay more because people want to get their hands on it,” she said. “… a lot of people don’t know anything about it, but it’s expensive, and that’s why they want it.”

“The flavor is out of this world. It doesn’t taste like weed,” said local DJ Matt Jones. “It has this fruity kind of taste to it.”



Is it a scam or a pricey super fire high? Probably a little bit of both. The folks at 416 drip good oil all over some good buds so the flower soaks up the concentrate, then you powder them with kief to take the THC levels through the roof. In California, you can get a version from Caviar Gold or Kurrupt’s Moon Rocks.

Concentrate: Limonene live resin


Space age extraction. Limonene hash oil (LHO) is solventless, precise, and potent. “They take the plant live, cryogenically freeze it in liquid nitrogen,” an extraction artist told VICE, “and then they extract the oil at that point with limonene,” a terpene found in citrus fruits.

Thai stick

$75-$200 per stick

The purest blunt you can smoke. Even the paper is made out of cannabis. It’s got even more of a Frankenstein’s monster quality than caviar. “It’s got everything in it—kief, hash, shatter, wax,” said Toronto dispensary manager Jamie Carlton. And all that is put on a skewer you light at one end.

There are between four to ten grams of bud in every stick and a stick can burn at least six hours.

“It’s definitely either an all-day thing or a couple of friends, party type (thing),” said Carlton.


Photo via Caviar Gold