No respect. A Vietnam veteran with an impressive military and academic career was fired from his position at the Air Force Special Operations School for using CBD oil to treat his cancer.

Not only did Capt. Henry Cobbs use CBD to treat his cancer, but he claims he actually cured it. Cobbs was diagnosed with prostate cancer back in 2015, and was given the option to either go through chemotherapy and radiation or use a regiment of CBD oil.

It should be noted that CBD is not a known treatment for cancer (though THC has been shown to be effective in treating some kinds of cancer), and is more commonly used by cancer patients who are already undergoing chemo or radiation therapy in order to offset negative side effects of those treatments.

However, according to Cobbs, he used CBD oil and now his cancer is in remission. And he was so pleased with the fact that he was getting better instead of dying that he started telling his students and colleagues how cool it was not to be dead thanks to CBD oil.

That’s when when one of his colleagues snitched on him, resulting in the termination of the 77 year old from his job as the dean of academics.

To give you a bit of background on how shitty this is, let’s just set the scene with what an amazing accomplished dude this Capt. Cobbs is. A veteran of the Vietnam War, Cobbs spent 22 years in the Air Force, working as a Chinese Mandarin and an air intelligence officer, before going to work for the Saudi Royal Air Force as a technical advisor.

Though Cobbs could have lost his benefits as a result of being fired, he filed for retirement hours before the firing was official, preserving his benefits.

“The current state of federal law is that medicinal use of marijuana and marijuana derivatives is not legal,” 492nd Special Operations Wing spokeswoman Ciara Travis told the Herald Tribune. “We will continue to follow the law and expect our employees to do the same. We are committed to providing a drug-free workplace for our employees.”

Cobbs has lost one appeal, but he says he’s going to keep on the appeal process and fight the good fight. “I’ll go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if I have to,” he said. “I was only concerned with getting rid of my cancer, and the CBD worked. So to hell with the law.”

Photo via Flickr user WeedPornDaily