Three new explosions from butane blasting have been reported in the last week alone, two in California and one in Colorado.

Colorado Springs, CO

Last Thursday, 21 year-old Austin Lente and a minor were arrested for misdemeanor fourth-degree arson after starting a small fire caused by BHO extraction. The two were both booked at the county jail, and Lente held with a $10,000 bond. One of the two had superficial burns on their face, though it’s unclear from reports whether it was the minor or Lente.

Mountain House, CA

Reports are sketchy, but what we know for sure is that a home exploded last Monday, local deputies suspect blasting as the cause, and that several people are injured, some to a life-threatening degree. Arrests have been made since the explosion, but more details are being kept under wraps for now.

Palm Springs, CA

An incident in a Knight’s Inn hotel room sent a man, a woman, and two teenage boys to the hospital on Sunday, February 23. When the emergency crews arrived on the scene, they discovered one of the rooms billowing smoke and the group of four standing outside in the parking lot with serious injuries. Three of them were said to be in critical condition. The local news says that authorities have determined the explosion was caused by an extraction gone wrong.

There’s no details on what specifically caused the explosions – could have been static electricity, using the wrong temps, poor ventilation (all three of these seemed to have happened indoors and a hotel room doesn’t have anything like the ventilation required for safe extraction), or being stupid enough to take a dab or light a cigarette in the same space where gas was building up.

There are a ton of ways for extraction to go wrong. It’s a real good idea to do some research, talk to experienced extractors, and know what you’re doing before you set your house or your friends or your face on fire. Here’s a quick rundown of safety checks for starters.

Parker Winship