Firefighters responded to a two alarm fire at Seattle’s first legal grow operation Sea of Green Farms early Wednesday morning. The fire, which stemmed from an electrical problem in the building, took about 45 minutes for local firefighters to subdue. Damage to the building and equipment is estimated at about $250,000, to say nothing of the densely-grown 3,000 plants said to have been destroyed in the fire. There are currently no reported injuries.

Local TV news station KIRO 7 told its viewers on Wednesday that the firefighters in the building were wearing masks, so there was “no risk of them getting high.” “Also,” a reporter added, “no one was hurt,” displaying some odd priorities on the part of KIRO 7 and its viewers.

Sea of Green lists 17 strains for purchase on their website, including Sleestack, Jack Skellington, and indica strain Double Purple Doia. And if there’s a heaven for good weed, then the angels are bombed as hell right now.