Happy holidays to all you dabheads, potheads, stoners, and wooks out there! Here’s your opportunity to let your rigs and bongs cool off for a second while you intake some words you might be too high to understand. But if you ain’t, here’s a quick update on what’s happening today in the world of weed.

On almost any other 4/20 the top news would be some big awesome party happening in a weed mecca like Los Angeles or Denver, but today some shit is actually going down.

Bill Introduced to Legalize Weed

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer introduced a bill today to remove cannabis from the federal list of scheduled controlled substances. Yeah, again. Many lawmakers have introduced similar bills; all have failed. The only thing that makes this one different that we can tell is the sea change going on in American politics. In only the last couple of weeks, prominent Republicans including President Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and former House Majority Leader John Boehner have all made surprising moves in favor of various cannabis groups and regulations. The FDA is currently asking for the public’s input on legalizing cannabis, and even Fox News reports that most of that public wants weed legal.

Introducing the historic bill on 4/20 might not be the best way for Schumer to convince his senate colleagues that the topic of cannabis legalization is a serious, adult subject, nor is signing a bong on television (which he did on VICE News yesterday), but we’ll see what happens.

This is the 47th (or 46th) 4/20 ever

Every year many news outlets (including this one) run a story on the origin of 4/20, which involves some people called the Waldos in 1971 and a treasure map and Louis Pasteur, but despite all that is actually pretty uninteresting. What’s also uninteresting is that 4/20 has been a thing since 1971. Since we don’t have an exact date on its use, that means that today is either the 46th or 47th 4/20 of all time, which means you can start shopping now for the holiday’s 50th anniversary (that’s the one where you’re supposed to give gold (liquid gold?)).

Pot party poopers pooped the pot party

Speaking of big holiday parties, let’s report on one that isn’t happening today, or at least not happening in the spirit in which it was intended. The High Times Cannabis Cup 4/20 event in San Bernardino is not permitted to allow the use of cannabis, which is kind of like a bowling event with no balls or a cat pageant with all hairless cats or an ice cream social with no refrigeration. That doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun at this year’s HTCC SoCal: if you go you can find out if scheduled act Lil Wayne calls bullshit on the entire event and storms off the stage mid-set (which he did before, and was pretty entertaining).

That’s it for today. Though it’s been said many times, many ways happy 4/20 to you!