Eleven Wesleyan University students went to the hospital earlier this week and the 5-0 are looking into the not-so-hot stuff that sent them to the sick bay. Wesleyan Officials have said they suspect the drug they took was Molly. Officials did not say whether or not the students were together at the time they took them, or where the drugs had been purchased.

Dean Michael Whaley, the Vice President of student affairs, has reportedly said in a letter to the campus that one of the students was in critical condition. The student is currently being held at Middlesex hospital. The following evening, the police also released a statement that said two patients at Hartford hospital are now in critical condition, with two in serious condition.

If you don’t know the quality of the stuff you’re taking or what the dosage is, you can end up having a pretty shitty time. Just ask the 36 people hospitalized after taking MDMA at an Avicci concert in Boston last summer.

Four Wesleyan students have now been arrested in connection with the shitty stuff they were peddling, and charged with a rainbow of drug-related crimes, including 16 counts of illegally obtaining or supplying drugs, possession of a controlled substance, possession of a hallucinogen, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and intent to sell, with bails ranging from $75,000-$175,000.