As stoner girls know, it’s not easy being green and dressing the part. Most “stoner fashion” tends to cater to male tastes, or are a little too on the nose – as much as I love bongs and Bob, it’s hard enough to be taken seriously when you aren’t sporting a Legalize It tee. Taking out vintage dresses and blazers to make closet space for a Rasta Lion feels a little too much like crawling back into the womb (or dorm room).

Since marijuana plants are actually quite pretty (just check out the Dabs spread of Dame Rouge!), it’s always struck me as odd that most 420 clothing is not. As Gilmore Girls character Paris Geller once said, “teen girls will buy anything if it comes in a leopard print”, so where are all the leopard print bongs?

As legalization becomes the norm, though, more and more marijuana-related cottage industries pop up – which is both exciting and a little overwhelming. On one hand, most weed-specific stores sound either totally insane, or devised by someone who discovered what pot was the day before. Some weed-brands are really cool, though – you just have to do a little digging to find them. Here are some of our favorite lines by and for 420-friendly fashionistas.

Valley High

With modern silhouettes, retro graphics and slouchy boyfriend styles, Valley High’s debut line is hardly whatever. There’s more to being a valley girl than just sporting clever prints (physics equations and bud) though – founders Chanelle Lawrence and Christian Ojeda say they started Valley High to express their SoCal roots.



Rather than debut the whole line at once, the brand uses a unique business model, “dropping” a new set of pieces and styles every two weeks and announcing upcoming drops on Instagram and through the brand’s blog, which also shares offbeat LA photography, to keep the dreamy vibes going. Images of garments set against sun-streaked convenience store windows, classic cars and 40s give the brand a distinct, laid-back-yet-pulled together look. You can follow them at Valley_High and through the hashtag #VALLEYHIGHLIFE

Crystal Cult

Nothing says SoCal like a cult – Lucky for us, The Crystal Cult is a pretty low commitment, as far as cults are concerned – all are welcome, provided they love glitter and leafy greens. Luxury vape pens and matching sunnies invite stoner-chicks to embrace their inner Audrey Hepburn, while the Kush Queen line features a 14kt gold dabber and stash jar and wax tanks bejeweled with Swarovski crystals.

Though the brand is most known for its sassy-yet-classy blinged out vapes, and shades sported by celebs like Miley and Allison Brie, we’re just as into some of their garments, like the Pot Princess sweat suit. But be warned, deprogramming can be a little tricky ; )


Penelope Meatloaf

You may have seen Penelope Gazin’s trademark “singlasses” on Kat Von D or Ariana Grande, but the designer’s illustrations and comics are just as imaginative – and as tripped out.

Amadeus Magazine describes Gazin’s distinct style as “gore meets porn” while the artist says she acquired the Meatloaf moniker somewhat accidentally: it was her first AIM screen name, which carried over to Ebay and then Etsy, and was somewhat incidentally embraced as a brand.



The shop stocks an ever-changing selection of clothing and accessories adorned with Gazin’s illustrations, as well as some vintage pieces curated by the artist. Gazin’s kush tributes cater to a wide variety of blazed-aesthetics, from the Stonerpuss glasses to a line of wood burned grinders with original illustrations of butts, Dolly Parton, and “Feeling Feelings” to chose from.