A Denver sandwich store took its campaign has made Chick-fil-a’s gay-hating illiterate cow campaign look like chopped liver. Local business Natural Grocers raised a playful, pro-healthful billboard proclaiming their poultry to be GMO free, saying “Our chickens don’t do drugs or GMOs.” So 420-friendly chain Cheba Hut responded matter of factly on their neighboring sign, “Our chickends do drugs.”

The sign was noted on the Huffington Post after being snapped and posted on Twitter by marijuana activist (and the first human to buy legal pot in the state of Colorado) Sean Azzariti.

The newest location of the Colorado chain has only been in operation for a few weeks. During it’s construction, the sign at one point read, “THIS S**T IS TAKING FOREVER,” and later, “SO CLOSE YOU CAN SMELL IT.”

We at Dabs Mag have no yet been, as we overlooked it on our recent jaunt to Denver, but Yelp users rate the restaurant, which offers sandwiches such as the “Kush,” the “White Widow,” and the “AK-47,” four stars, one dollar sign, and call it “chill” and a “zen pad.” Far out, man.