Visual artist Bryan Lewis Saunders embarked on an epic marathon of creativity fuelled by drugs, and by doing so, he opened up a part of himself that he never thought existed. He decided to draw a self portrait of himself each time he took a new drug, to show how the drugs affected him and the way he perceived himself when he was on them. He used BHO, crystal meth, and bath salts, among many others. The results are truly outstanding, and it just goes to show the effects that various drugs can have on our minds and thoughts.

Saunders told High Times that he devised an experiment in which he took a different drug or intoxicant every day, but within mere weeks he became very lethargic from his drug use. The effects became so bad, that he ended up with mild brain damage, and luckily this was repairable. Saunders is still taking part in this experiment; however the drugs are being taken further apart to limit any long term effects.

He executed this experiment every day, with drugs and substances ranging from PCP to crystal meth, BHO and even mushrooms. He didn’t pay for these, because he himself was doing the experiment in an effort to widen knowledge for others about the various effects and how they can make you feel. You can’t help but congratulate Bryan Lewis Saunders on his commendable undertaking, and it is safe to say that not many people would have undertaken this, let alone continue it after his scare with long-term brain damage as a result of his experiment.

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