1. The Gateway Theory

Any kid who was forced through meaningless D.A.R.E. sessions or older types who might have had some tastes of reefer madness class reels can tell you a thing or two about the gateway theory of weed.

Try the stuff and you’ll be so keen on drugs there’s no telling what you’ll sniff or shoot. One puff of this and next stop is the white lady. And so on and so forth.

What isn’t usually discussed is that alcohol and cigarettes have statistically shown to be bigger indicators toward heavier drug use. In fact, bad homelife, friend groups, and mental issues are much more common lead-ins to hard drugs than either marijuana or alcohol.

Science hasn’t shown that marijuana opens any doors to the dirty dirty. If anything, weed will make someone realize the lack of a real danger in it, and perhaps make them think that other drugs would be the same. But that someone would have to be a perfect storm of gullible, naive, and wildly under-informed.

  1. She’s Addictive

With little to no claim to any real factual information on this, the anti-weed Philip Busters and lobbyists throw open-mouthed, long-winded shots and pops out about doctor this and professor that said this study shows weed’ll hook you. Their efforts look more like the D.A.R.E. and Madness gangs than educated investigation.

But Dabs Mag is all about that dabsvestigation, and in doing years of research on the matter, editors and staffers alike have shown not only no permanent change in brain and body chemistry from use, but also no physical withdrawal symptoms when quitting. These two are only the biggest factors in our decision making, among a slew of others, but enough for us to fully declare that marijuana has not shown to be a possessor of physically addictive qualities.

  1. It’ll Make You Lazy

The dulling and downer qualities of marijuana are wildly apparent, most in part to our friend indica, and as such, has given the larger gaze an impression of dumbed-down sleepybone laziness when considering the members of the maribannis team.

But a whole lot great creatives, thinkers and even politicians of the past and present have been discovered to either have partaken or been avid users of mother gaia’s precious herb. A recent article posted on Morgan Freeman detailed his love of the stuff, and one look at that man’s CV will show you he has been and continues to be one of the most prolific actors working today. And at the ripe old age of 77, no less.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

  1. There’s No Medical Purpose

With the wave of medical cannabis usage started by California in the ‘90s, more medical and scientific research has been done on weed in the last two decades than nearly any other substance, when looking at what was done on the matter prior. The only thing with a greater spike is probably opiate and synthetic opioid development.

But with research comes testing and practical usage, and several fields of medicine have shown great strides in marijuana aid. More oft than not, issues with nerve and the nervous system have some kind of interesting change in conjunction with various forms of cannabis. Debilitating cases of MS and palsy ease and relax after consumption. Seizures make way. In some cases even tumors have shown signs of regression after some kind of marijuana therapy.

In 2015, it is downright ignorant to say that marijuana has no medical effect whatsoever. Kind of like saying dinosaurs and humans lived together.

  1. It Leads to Crime

What leads to marijuana crime is the fact that some politicians arbitrarily made weed criminal several decades ago..

In the case of heavier drugs, the issue is addiction. In the case of weed, the issue is punishment. In treating marijuana users and dealers as criminals– we simply build up the crime community. And the prison community. And those members of the populace with a record.

Instead of creating a safe and confined environment, much like the case of alcohol. Oh wait, that’s right. Alcohol makes people violent and completely inebriated. Yet is regulated and sold on a legal level. How many crimes related to alcohol have been reported in the past year? Did they have anything to do with selling? Maybe a few. But the rest had to do with beatings and car accidents and theft.

Look for violent incidents involving marijuana and you’ll come up practically empty-handed. Look for incidents related to selling, distributing, growing or simply even partaking in the stuff, and you’ll see the lopsided ends of this argument. And they’re everywhere.

Look instead at the problems of the “war on drugs” complex of the nation to find the answers for why drugs and crime go hand in hand. We’ll be over here taking a dab.

source: http://www.alternet.org/drugs/debunking-5-biggest-myths-about-pot