What authorities are saying may be the largest hash oil operation in California was shut down Wednesday after a raid by the Pittsburgh police department.

30 pounds of concentrate was seized, valued by authorities at $750,000, along with $30,000 in cash and an untold (though large, based on the video footage released by police) number of marijuana plants in various stages of growth. The raid came after what authorities called a “lengthy investigation.”

5 people, all under 30, were arrested. Manufacturing concentrates in California is punishable as a felony. The five could face additional charges, including possession, distribution, and paraphernalia.

According to KRON 4 News, police told suburban residents near the hash house that the extraction artists were suspected of distributing extract through the mail.

KRON’s coverage laid the same ignorant stigma on the operation as most hash oil reporting. The reporter attempts to interview one of the alleged extractors outside of the house, asking whether their processing was “going to blow up the neighborhood like the police say?” The man interviewed replied, befuddled and probably in shock. “Insane. That’s all I have to say. Insane.” A neighbor interviewed said the police told him, “this house is about to blow up… I’m just happy to be alive.”

Video of the house released by police shows evidence of a sterile, large-scale butane running operation, not the kind of amateur hash lab that typically results in an explosion.

Dabs Magazine has attempted to contact those arrested, but as yet have not received a comment. We’ll update this article if and when we do.

Featured image via Wikimedia

Update: When we first reported this story, we cited the location of the arrest as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The text has been corrected to reflect that the incident took place in Pittsburgh, California after a correction by reader @pattrick_o__

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