Nevada’s vote is all set in place and many advocates believe that they can get similar measures implemented on ballots in various other states. Lawmakers from Nevada met without voting on a petition which has been submitted by local residents in an effort to legalize marijuana. This would mean that the initiative has to go on the ballot in the year 2016. If this was to go through then Nevada would be officially the first state to vote in pot legalisation next year.

If this vote goes through, that would make Nevada the 5th state after Oregon, Colorado, Washington and Alaska to have a completely legal weed market. There is a chance however that the state of Nevada won’t be the only state that plans to have legalisation for pot on the 2016 ballot.

California: Groups such as the Drug Policy Alliance have been working very hard recently in an effort to create a ballot for the Golden State. They have been dealing with issues such as whether or not you should allow growers and this could divide voters and businesses. For advocates, the initiative is important because California has influence as a regulatory laboratory.

Arizona: Legalisation is present in Western states and conservatives far outweigh liberals in the state. This means that they are less likely to support the legalisation of recreational pot but they are moving slowly in the right direction.

Maine and Massachusetts may also legalize marijuana by 2016, though they still need to get the issue on the ballot.