CBD supply in the heartland might be taking a little dip after state troopers in Ohio seized more than 7,000 liquid ounces of CBD during a traffic stop last week.

After pulling over a U-Haul truck on Interstate 70 for a marked lanes violation, officers with the State Highway Patrol. According to a police bulletin, the troopers then noted “criminal indicators,” though they didn’t specify what indicators those were exactly. Then one thing led to another, drug-sniffing canines were called in, probable cause reached, and the truck searched.

After a search, the troopers came out with 55 gallons of CBD oil in large drums. They said it was worth roughly $165,000. The truck’s driver Joshua Sellers and passenger Richard Defedele, both from Rhode Island and both 37 years old, were charged with first degree felony counts of possession of a schedule 1 substance.

Both men could get up to 11 years in prison and a $20,000 fine if found guilty. This is particularly harsh in light of the fact that the 2018 Farm Bill legalized CBD made from hemp at the federal level. The police bulletin announcing the seizure notes that “CBD oil is made from strains of cannabis that contain low levels of THC,” though doesn’t say whether the seized extract was made from marijuana or hemp.

Unfortunately, whether or not the CBD oil was made from marijuana, and whether or not it contains even a small amount of THC, it doesn’t matter. Because Ohio considers CBD itself a schedule 1 controlled substance.

The state, it seems, is an especially gnarly place to be busted with extracts, even of the CBD variety. At the end of last year, state regulators clamped down controls on the medical marijuana program, announcing that all CBD was now considered a form of MMJ, and could only be distributed by licensed dispensaries.Photo via Ohio State Highway Patrol