Marijuana legalisation is unquestionably gaining traction. Reports in October 2014 showed 52% of voting citizens favor the decision, Millennials making up a better part of that number.

Yet when you look at the opinions from young to old, you’ll find that the age gap is starkest among who else but, you guessed it, Republicans. Funny enough, this trend is strikingly similar with same sex marriage. Huh. Go figure.

In fact, a whopping 63% of Millennials say that marijuana should become legal. This is a very high level of support when you compare it to Generation Xers (47%) the Silent Generation (17%) and the Baby Boomers (38%). It is worth noting that Republican Millennials don’t seem as supportive as their ass-ier counterparts. It’s been well documented that Democrats are much more supportive, with three out of every four Democratic Millennials unrepentant doobie lovers.

As Oregon, Alaska and the District of Columbia have passed measures for legalization, many people have since changed their views on the subject. Many Americans believe that by legalizing the drug, you make it more open to those who are actually underage. On the other hand, these same people think that marijuana is actually less dangerous than alcohol, and so should be seen that way by law.

76% of Americans also believe that people who have been sent to jail for possessing small amounts should be released, and that jail terms shouldn’t be handed to people with weed in the first place. Large groups of Republicans and Democrats agree on this issue. For once. So… you’re saying there’s a chance?