Und Adventure Der Jonet Applevveed in Bavaria?

It would seem Germany has found, or rather not yet found, their very own modern day Johnny Appleseed, as authorities in Berlin reported the discovery of 700 sprouting marijuana plants on an island median next to a subway station yesterday.

The initial call was phoned in by a streetsweeper who noticed the “suspicious” plants after a presumed 12 hour MDMA-fuelled night at Clobbfrapp left him feeling only a touch of spritely as compared to the same thing every other night and morning.

What has yet to be found is the person and/or people behind the serial gardening. We hear watches are out for individuals or groups with pots on their head or, perhaps just potheads. The message was hard to understand through all the lag time and accents.

While the investigation goes on, patrolmen are keeping an eye on the Kottbusser Tor station in the district of Kreuzberg–where the plants were found–for suspicious types. Mostly dreadlocked Aryans and fans of Shpongle.

But is this a case of the John Applevveeds, or Vvalter Whitte? Only zeit will sagen.