Larry Harvey, 71 thought he was doing everything by the book when he started growing marijuana for his own medical use. Washington had legalised the substance in 1998, and since then Harvey has said that he has always complied with the law. In 2012 however, the DEA raided Harvey’s home and the whole family could face marijuana charges that could see them in prison for the next 10 years, according to the Huffington Post.

Harvey might not live that long, because he suffers from pancreatic cancer that has spread down to his liver. Someone who suffers from this disease has a life expectancy of between 3-6 months. “For me, that’s a death sentence,” Harvey said.

A federal judge is going to rule a motion for the case, dismissing it because it conflicts with the new marijuana protection laws. Harvey may even have the charges dropped if he can display evidence of his deteriorating health. Federal law however still classifies marijuana as a Schedule One drug.

Harvey has a nice home, and says that he wanted to enjoy his retirement. He also said that the marijuana he uses is very low in THC, yet the government are failing to recognise that in light of the events. The fact is, even if they let Harvey off, they are still going to prosecute his wife who is also his caregiver.

In a recent statement, Harvey said that he and his family are innocent and that they have done everything they can to comply with state laws regarding the medicinal use of marijuana. Unfortunately, the federal laws still see it as a drug, not a medicine, so there appears to be a long road ahead for the family.

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