Could it be Canadian envy that’s got Americans a little more 420-friendly? American support for cannabis legalization has increased 5% since January to 63%, the highest yet recorded in human history, or at least in the authoritative Quinnipiac University Poll. In January weed legalization support was at 58%. 33% opposed it in this go round of the poll.

Other cannabis-related questions found even higher levels of support. 93% of Americans said they support medical marijuana, with only 5% opposing it.

A majority of voters also opposed federal interference in state-legalized medical cannabis programs, with 70% being against it and 23% thinking it was cool. 74% approved of the new proposed STATES Act which would change federal law to protect state cannabis laws.

A couple of other quick facts learned from the poll:

  • Tax revenue is a good reason to legalize cannabis: 54% agreed, 42% disagreed.
  • Cannabis is a “gateway drug”: 61% agreed, 31% disagreed.
  • Legalizing cannabis will make people more likely to use opioids: 20% agreed.
  • Legalizing cannabis will make people less likely to use opioids: 20% agreed.
  • 43% of Americans say they have used cannabis recreationally, 54% of men and 33% of women.

The poll was conducted on 1,193 voters nationwide by telephone, with an estimated 3.4% error rate. 22% of those polled said they lived in states with legal recreational cannabis.

“Voters are more favorable to legalizing marijuana than in any previous Quinnipiac University survey, and do not see its use as a gateway to more serious drugs,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, summarizing the fairly obvious.

The same poll hit on some other issues in modern life, like ones surrounding that one dude in the White House with the funny hair. For instance, 30% had a negative view of former FBI Director James Comey, but 54% said they believe him more than President Trump. 74% said that Trump should not fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Stuff like that. You can read more here.