Here’s 8 marijuana facts that you should know.

Most States Allow It In Some Form

Four states in the US allow marijuana for recreational use, nineteen however allow it for medical purposes, and fourteen have decriminalized it all together. The nineteen states that do allow marijuana vary in terms of law; however it is a great step forward when it comes to legalization.

More Than Half of Americans Are Down With It

Legalization has increased greatly over the past 25 years, and more and more people are supporting it in terms of its legalization.

It Can Create Billions in Tax Revenue

When states legalize marijuana, they can then apply substantial taxes on the industry, generating a large amount of revenue for their budget. In fact, if marijuana is legalized it could bring in three times more money than the NFL.

Legalized States are Doing Pretty Good

Colorado introduced marijuana this year and everything seems fine. There is no catastrophic loss and they seem to be bringing in millions more than they were doing before.

Too Early to Tell Real Effects of Legalization

Vox did a survey on the number of studies performed on marijuana. The results were inconclusive, but if marijuana was enlisted as a commercial product, the profit industry would put it in much higher demand when compared to tobacco and alcohol.

Regulating Marijuana Makes The World a Much Safer Place

Public safety and regulation go hand-in-hand. Regulation would mean that people can access quality pot without worrying about any harmful additives.

Feds Don’t Seem To mInd

Pot is not actually legal under a federal law, but no federals have intervened in the legalization process so far.

Legalization Makes Us Wiser About Pot

Pot is illegal in some states because the DEA hasn’t received any proven evidence of its medical value. Because of this reason, researchers haven’t had the approval they need to prove the benefits or the medical value.