Ice hash can catch some flack because it’s not as hardcore as your chemical-blasted oil, but it runs a pretty good game itself. For one thing, you always know what you’re smoking. It will get you effed up on goof-balls, but maybe a little mellower than your BHO. Also, it’s not illegal to manufacture in many states that hand down harsh sentences for extracting, like California, Washington and Colorado.

Ice wax extraction allows you to get some great hash with just some bags, water and ice – just like Jesus used to do it. Since anything worth doing is worth doing right, here’s the time tested six steps to doing it right…

  1. Trim runs basically as good as nugs so use whatever you don’t want to smoke
  2. Use mesh begs that will act as a trichrome filter.
  3. Place the bags in a bucket. You can use up to five or six at a time.
  4. Fill up the bags and bucket with cold water and ice
  5. Add your buds and trimmings to the largest bag
  6. Now you’re ready to blend. It takes about 10 minutes to blend a 1 gallon kit. Add an extra 5 minutes if you’re using a five gallon kit. Then all you need to do is press the blend through the mesh screens. Repeatedly run it through additional mesh bags
  7. Dry it. This can take 24-36 hours. For making large amounts, press it with a rolling pin like cookie dough to free up pockets of moisture in the hash.
  8. Smoke it!


Photo via Westword