Making that weed aint’t easy. Even if you’re a legally compliant caregiver or producer, the cops, the feds, and local thieves looking to rip you off all remain threats to your day-to-day livelihood. Here’s a few tips to holding onto your plants whilst the cops and robbers pass by unawares.

#1. Trust your gut. Unless you trust someone 110%, don’t tell them about what you’re doing. Even if your growing is legal, the temptation to “sample” can destroy your crop.

#2. Know your neighbors. Every neighborhood or community has someone who is vigilantly watching all neighborhood activities. Always assume you’re being watched.

#3. Watch yourself online. One stray comment on Facebook can take you down. It doesn’t have to come from you either. A simple comment from a friend can start a search that ends at your garden

#4. Power consumption matters. It takes power to grow a nice crop. That means your utility bills are going to spike. You’ll need to manage this to avoid unwanted attention.

#5. Don’t leave a paper trail. Shop with cash. If you use electronic payments [debit/credit cards, e-payments, digital currency] then you leave a paper trail that leads back to your growing site.

#6. Research off-line. Your ISP tracks your search history even if you’re using an incognito browser. Computers that aren’t associated with you can still lead back to you if you visit any sites to check on a personal profile. It’s better to research off-line as much as possible. If you do need to be online, use a Tor browser.

#7. Install surveillance. Legal grow sites are required to have high quality CCTV installed. This avoids theft, including internal leakage.

#8. The heat and the odor… The curing buds have a distinct scent. You’ll need to manage your heat ventilation and your smells before you begin growing to avoid problems.

#9. Insulate yourself. Keep the plants away from windows. Keep the noise down. Seal any window or door cracks with weatherproofing or caulk to help prevent unwanted attention.

Source: High Times