If you are passionate about weed and different strains then you’ve smoked Kush, dabbed Kush, and loved Kush. But have you ever wondered how it all began? Take a leap into the past and follow the true story about Kush.

History and Origins of the Kush Strain

In Central Asia there is a small region known as Hindu Kush which neighbors Afghanistan and Pakistan. It’s a disputed area which is known to be dangerous, because the numerous struggles for control over it. On the other hand, this land has its story of marijuana and hashish production that became a legend over the time. However, the rumors were not just fairy tales and some of the world’s top hash was actually produced there. But how this magical Kush cannabis gained its popularity worldwide?

The first seeds of Kush were brought to Europe, United States and Canada by fellow travelers and some of them were known as part of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. They were back from the “Hippie Trail” and in the 60s and early 70s to be the first who started to grow Kush strains. Unfortunately, the Afghan government was overthrown by coup d’etat in 1973 that resulted in hashish’s prohibition of sale and production. In the next 30 years the country was still involved in various internal conflicts, but the most serious of all was the Soviet invasion in 1979. It was devastating for the Afghan economy and infrastructure. However, these terrible events could not erase the impact of the Afghan cannabis and the mystical Kush stains managed to change the marijuana growing completely.

H2: What About Kush Nowadays

We know various sorts of Kush today and most of them can be found in Southern California where the finest collections are presented. There are hundreds of strains that are used for medical treatment: Larry, Lemon, Tahoe, OG, Russian Master and many more. Nevertheless, this excellent marijuana strain can be spotted way beyond California.

When it comes to breeding, Kush’s genetics are valuable additions to almost any sort. Praised by many and used in many competitions, the Afghan cannabis variety got its well-deserved fame and reputation over the years. The medical purposes of this kind have been known for a long time as exceptional and the results in treatment proved the truly wondrous nature of the marijuana strain. Anyway, no one can deny that it’s also a perfect addition to one’s day off. A joint of Kush is a first-rate choice when you try find an exquisite puff.

Even nowadays the legends about Kush are still countless and the pot’s fame continues to spread. However, the word “Kush” itself has become a byword for quality and potency. You can only guess how many people abuse the original meaning in order to sell their stash.