The Bed and Breakfast industry has always been booming in Colorado. With the beautiful peaks of the Rocky Mountains, the intricate canyons of the Western Slope, and plenty of opportunities to explore, legalized recreational marijuana has changed the industry. Head to Silverthorne in the heart of the Rockies or enjoy the city life in Adagio for what locals are calling a “Wake and Bake” experience.

At the new Wake and Bake B&B, the menus are designed around snacking needs when good cannabis causes a case of the munchies. Happy hour isn’t about drinks. It’s about BBQ chicken and pigs in a blanket. When does happy hour start? At 4:20 pm… or 4:20 am. You choose.

At these B&Bs, you’ll also find an experience that is similar to a wine tasting tour. Bring your vape and you’ll be able to sample some of the latest strains that have been locally developed. Have a beer and a couple of snacks while you do. If you prefer edibles or smoking, you can do that without judgment too. The goal is simple: to give every visitor the chance to find their perfect head space.

There is one requirement. You’re not really welcome to smoke like a hermit when you say in Adaigo or Silverthorne. Cannabis, as they say, is meant to be passed instead of smoking in a bathroom on the toilet.

Prices for a stay are competitive with hotels in the region at $149-$199 per night. California may have the Napa Valley, but Colorado has legal recreational cannabis. Rooms fill up fast, so if this is an experience you want, plan your holiday away today.

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