1 out of 5 US student loans is in default. Kids today are dropping out of college because they can’t hack the classes. Graduates who can get great grades can’t find jobs. In other words, you’re screwed if you go to college. Period.

Unless you go to the University of Pennsylvania. This Ivy League school has created a new creative class that gives you a great grade based on how well you can waste time browsing the internet.

That’s right. Join Reddit, trade jokes on Twitter, and you get an A. How awesome is that?

What Is the Modern Internet?

Some say the internet is an archive. It’s been described as the longest poem every created. Some might say that porn is the only reason why we’ve got the internet. The bottom line is that the modern internet is what you make of it. That’s what this class is all about.

The kids that are growing up today have never known a world without technology. You talk to them about an Apple II and they look at you like you smoked some bad weed. We feel like the internet makes us dumber sometimes, but we’re actually just smarter in a different way.

That’s what this college class is all about: examining modern intelligence. Knowing how to access information has become more important than personally recalling information. See Mom? We can all get an Ivy League education… and you said spending 16 hours on Reddit would amount to nothing.