420 isn’t really a place, but more of a state of mind. The very first story of 420 began with a group of 5 students. The students believed that Waldo who met them after school, had searched for the hidden pot field that was supposedly up in the hills on the outskirts of town.


In 1971, five students from San Rafael High School adopted the name 4:20, because that was the time they met at each day to smoke weed under the school statue. This was normally done under the statue of Louis Pasteur, with the password being 4:20 Louis.


Carmen Electra was born in Cincinnati on 4/20.


420 was passed on from pot smoker to pot smoker.


A flyer promoting 420 was found at Grateful Dead shows. The flyer found its way from Oakland, and San Rafael was the home of Grateful Dead productions.


High Times published the flyer which states that 420 started in San Rafael. The text then went on to say that 4/20 is the grandmaster of all holidays.


Clocks in Pulp Fiction are set at 4:20


The CAN or Cannabis Action Network stages a ball on 4/20, with the event starting and finishing at 4:20.


High Times launched 420.com


High Times prove that the Waldos were the true creators of the 420.


Columbine: The worst thing to ever happen on the date 4/20 since the birth of Hitler.


The original Waldos reunite and present an achievement award to the New Raiders of the Purple Stage who reunited for one night only.


Carmen Electra marries Dave Navarro.


Lost in Transition clocks were set to 4:20


High Times suggest moving 4:20 to 5:20, because when you work a full time job, you normally work 9-5.

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