In Silika Glass’s main showroom there’s upwards of seventy some odd patrons sporting intricate erector set rigs of every make and wax so thick it’ll stick like molasses. The six-foot-seven man of the hour, star of Adult Swim’s Black Jesus and host of today’s West Hollywood block party, of which Silika Glass is the center, bursts onto the scene like the Tazmanian Devil. “All right everybody, stop smoking. I’M SERIOUS! EVERYBODY STOP!! STOP DABBING!” He makes his way through the room, using his considerable girth and strength to physically restrain each and every person he passes from using whatever device of choice they’re holding.

After a few minutes of this, the crowd is quiet and a little tense, not really sure if and why the man may actually be serious. When all seem to be at a stand still and he has the room’s full attention, Slink solemnly makes his announcement. “I just wanted to take this opportunity to say: WHY ALL YOU MOTHERFUCKERS STOP SMOKING?!? WHAT THE FUCK?! YOU BETTER SMOKE YOURS RIGHT NOW!!!”

A flashback to earlier in the night: we’re posted in Silika’s back office. There’s about ten dabbers dabbing like we’re knee deep in that Christmas song about partridges in pear trees. It feels like it actually is Christmas with all the bud and wax making the rounds. But then again, it is Slink’s block party. Our very own Black Jesus.

If ever we were to bathe in the glory of our lord and smoke of our gifts of Frankendank, Gold Rush, and Myrrh OG– then by Slink it’s today. And you better have brought some, because he’s about to SMOKE YOURS.

Now you may be asking yourself, ‘What is Smoke Yours anyway?’ Well for starters, check your pockets. …Do you have any weed left? …No? Well, now you’re starting to get it. Because Slink definitely does have some. And it’s yours.


Slink and the Smoke Yours Crew are just now really releasing their beast – so to speak – to the masses. Smoke Yours covers a wealth of bases and avenues, a collection of artists, creatives, smokers and dabbers, all coming together to promote their art. Their products. Their message and their vibe. Slink – a former tagger turned rapper turned actor and comic – exemplifies the Smoke Yours feel in a fine-tuned brick house package. Larger than life and smoking everything in sight.

Before we sidled up to the event, we’d done some research on Silika Glass and Social Lounge. We had seen the pictures. The pieces. We expected to be glassed in the face with spectacular wonders of craftsman and womanship. We knew we were about to meet one of our heroes (and, really, superheroes when you think about it) in Mr. Slink Johnson AKA Black Jesus AKA SMOKE YOURS PRESIDENTIAL – and we were worried about where we’d be able to smoke him out.

What we didn’t know was that Silika would soon look like WeHo’s own opium den of the modern west, crawling with hipsters and weedholes slumped beneath a thick sheet of yellow smoke. Dabs, blunts, spliffs and bong rips. Homemade juices and Grilled Cheese Truck cheeses. And, I’m sorry, but let me just say, whoever The Grilled Cheese Truck people paid to design their emblem, should get their pockets run, because that shit is a giant two-headed dick. I’m sorry. It just is.

But I don’t mean to veer. Let’s get back to the real heart of all this: Slink Johnson. And the Smoke Yours Crew. And really, Deloor James, the Smoke Yours VP and cappo–because as we learned at the Block Party, the pair have been at it since their early teens.

“Yeah, you know I always had that weed. And we knew people of people, you know, friends of friends and whatnot. And first time Slink came through, he rolled straight up and was like, ‘Ay! Let me get at some of that! You got any, homie? We ‘bout to smoke yours!’ And I don’t know what it was about this fool but I just thought he was the funniest dude, I was like, ‘Oh yeah? Alright let’s go then.’ And then that’s just kinda how it started. Kinda became like a everyday thing. ‘Cause this cat never had weed, and I always had mines so, Slink’d be smokin mine and that’s how it all became smoke yours. That’s where it started.”

And it hasn’t stopped. After meeting on the SoCal tagging scene back in their youth, Slink and Deloor have been building up their arsenal: writing, performing, and smoking whoever’s they come by. A few years back, Slink worked with veritable legend Aaron McGruder – creator of The Boondocks – on a variety show he made for Super Deluxe called the Super Rumble Mixshow. In it, Slink portrayed an early version of what would become the focal point of the current collaboration between himself, McGruder, and Mike Clattenburg of Trailer Park Boys fame – Black Jesus, the insanely funny, vulgar, and surprisingly hopeful half-hour comedy following the adventures of a modern day Jesus Christ in Compton (its second season is currently in production).

Before that series got underway, Slink also did voicework on the little-seen and wildly underloved animated masterwork “Freaknik: The Musical” – a special from Adult Swim – as well as voicing fan-favorite Lamar Davis for Grand Theft Auto V.

“Working with so many great people recently, great comedy, it’s been a blessing. It’s been crazy – Ay… AY SMOKE YOURS CUZ!!! ARE YOU SMOKING YOURS??” (As we were sitting and chatting over a few blunts, a passing dabber walked through our circle with a hefty rig. It was upon his passing that Slink turned directly into his face and yelled the prior course change, before then hitting the rig, making a Vine, and turning back to our conversation, without missing a beat. And therein lies the real beauty of this man’s magic. Well, that and wine water.)

With such a wealth of work and sudden explosion onto the scene, one might expect the stars to fog up a man’s eyes. But Slink Johnson couldn’t be more inviting. Hearty, booming, and truly hilarious, the man is a walking beacon of energy and good vibes. An undeniable force of nature that you just can’t help but smoke all yours with. And theirs. And theirs. And them over there, too.

Really, behind all the larger-than-life, Son-of-Goddome, Slink Johnson is an indomitable, infectious comedic spirit. A father. An avid Marvel collector. And a President. Of the Smoke Yours congregation.

As the night rolled on, the smoke only grew thicker. Our yellow sheet had slowly but surely evolved into a noxious cloud of extract extract. A carbon dioxide-fuelled mass of semi-solid dab and weed ejaculate bathing the Smoke Yours and Silika faithful in all its dank glory. And at the head of the pack stood Slink and Deloor, dabbing hard for the rest of humanity. Their musk strong. A strength built on cannabi-cial solidarity. Smoking everything from everyone, as far as the lung can breathe – and always having a little of their own for the fam.

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