Hops and marijuana are kissing cousins, so it ain’t so crazy that a couple brewers wanted the two to get together on this day of St. Patrick. Actually, there’s no cannabis in DC Brau’s I.P.A. “Smells Like Freedom,” according to an article in the Washington Post. The brewers handpicked the hops to get the flavor of flower in their pints. So, like what’s the point? And does weed-flavored beer even sound that good? And it’s not green, is it?

The point is partly a political one, bringing awareness to the fact that House Republicans tried to stop the voter-approved legalization of recreational marijuana in the District of Columbia, even going as far as to threaten Mayor Muriel E. Bowser with jail time if she allowed the ballot measure to be implemented.

And, when they say “weed-flavored beer,” what they mean is “good weed flavored weed,” which does sound good. DC Brau teamed up with the awesome and delicious Colorado brewing company Oskar Blues and proceeded to experiment with hops in the Oskar Blues lab until they found a combination that produced a heady aroma.

“The experimental hops were definitely unique,” DC Brau brewer Christopher Graham told the Post. “Some were over the top with melon. Some had a lot of berry notes. But all had that undertone of piney, resinous, dank quality that someone would expect from a nugget.”

DC Brau and Oskar Blues had been trading emails, kicking around the idea for awhile, but didn’t know exactly how to go about it, or what the occasion for unveiling the new beer would be.

But it seemed like a fun way to raise awareness of the suckiness that DC residents endured in only got a mediocre, perhaps even token legalization. A legalization that doesn’t permit, regulate, or tax sales, a move which could benefit the District in many ways, the same way it has funded schools and other projects in Colorado.

Brandon Skall, chief executive and co-founder of DC Brau Brewing Co, told the Post, “Something needs to change with D.C. It’s ridiculous. I live here, I’m about to have a second child here. We’re sending our children to school in Washington, D.C. — There’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to benefit the same way they do in Colorado.

“You walk into a D.C. public school, you see empty bookshelves, you seen underfunding, you see teachers going out and spending their money to buy kids supplies. We should be able to benefit the same way that other states do.”

For any readers who might be residing in our nation’s capitol at the moment, “Smells Like Freedom” will make it’s premiere tonight at Meridian Pint in the Columbia Heights Neighborhood, the very same spot where supporters of Initiative 71 celebrated legalization on Election Night last year.

Parker Winship