In a show of good spirit on the eve of 4/20, the Denver Police Department tweeted a song reference labeled “the coolest police tweet of all time” by the Huffington Post’s marijuana reporter Matt Ferner.

The tweet went something like “We see you rollin, but we aint hatin HAHA.”

But here at Dabs we’re no pushovers. And we take our hip hop very seriously. We’re not gonna sit here and pretend it’s cool to know a Chamillionaire song, let alone reference one.

Now, if the Denver Police had decided to rap a different route, say something more villainous, about their joy in serving and protecting America’s Most Blunted, or how they’d be on the streets while the people be on that kryptonite, then we’d have to give props. If they had somehow pulled a FlyLo shout or even a deep cut from Snoop Dogg we’d be on board. Instead, they gave us a paper-thin veil of a reference to Chamillionaire. And laughed at their own joke in text. The fact that that song has won a Grammy says enough in itself about the current state of the nation.

Let’s hope the Denver Police, however, are setting a new precedent with their tweet, regardless of how good the joke was. It’d be nice to see cops pulling more rap references and less triggers as time rolls along. Until then, we’ll let the effervescent genius of the late, greatest J Dilla speak for itself.