A Chicago resident recently posted a video featuring him shotgunning weed smoke into the mouth of his pet chameleon. Officials from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) saw the video on Facebook and, being none too pleased with it, filed a complaint against the man. This name of this enabler of dope-fiend lizards: Bruce Blunt. Like Kramer once said, “That’s like an ice cream man named Cone.”

More than 500,000 people have viewed the 35 second video online after it was posted on March 5 of this year. Though Blunt was charged with animal cruelty, the presiding Judge Robert Kuzas ruled the behavior didn’t rise to a criminal level, but may have been “immature.”

Dr. Stephanie Horton testified that Binna, the chameleon in question, could have suffered harm from the marijuana smoke. Although the side effects could have been as simple as mild sedation, Horton said that a “full-on seizure” could have resulted as well.

Why did Blunt decide to share a hit from his namesake smoking apparatus with Binna? “It calms her down because I see a difference in her mood,” he said. Blunt went on to say that his chameleon could be hostile at times.

Officials seized Binna after charges were filed and the chameleon has now gone to live with Chicago Animal Care and Control. Blunt hopes to pick up the animal or have it returned to him soon, assuming Binna’s skin hasn’t completely blended into wall and officials can still find her. That’s how chameleons work, right?

“Man, if they only knew. I’ve never hurt an animal in my life,” Blunt said. “I take in stray cats and dogs. I love animals, man.” That makes sense. Watch the video and you can tell he’s skilled and practiced when it comes to aiming smoke right down a small critter’s windpipe.