Super lemon haze is a kind of leaf known for its effectiveness in eliminating fatigue and stress worldwide. Arjan of Green House Seed created super lemon haze – a sativa-dominant hybrid. The breeder was started with a female of super silver haze family, which won three successive Cannabis Cups in 1997, 1998 and 1999. Super lemon haze is a carefully made cross of haze and skunk. Arjan mixed lemon skunk with the super silver haze to produce super lemon haze. Lemon skunk is a strain that came from Las Vegas in the USA and soon spread to Amsterdam in the Netherland. One grower who was instrumental to this development was called “The Lemon Man.” Lemon haze is a cross between citral and skunk. Consequently, from these genetics background, super lemon haze came to be a tart lemony and a sweet treat that begins in the body and rapidly spreads to the mind. The THC count of this strain can reach up to 25 percent

Super lemon haze is used for energy and social purpose by many users around the world. This hybrid can be good for killing stress, fatigue, and anxiety. It is a great daytime medication that can set you on a high quickly. Moreover, super lemon haze possesses some mood raising properties that can help regulate or completely eliminate mood disorders, such as chronic depression. In most cases too, it may help patients to effectively deal with minor pains, loss of appetite, and nausea. It has also been found to help patients overcome migraines and ADD/ADHD.

Growing this leaf isn’t crazy complex, but that doesn’t mean it’s for amateur growers. Support and attention should be given it during flowering. The flowering period can be between 56 and 65 days long. After this period of growth, the plants will be ready for harvesting in October or November, but not later than December.  Depending on the technique used and area or space where it is bred, a growers may get around 600 grams per square meter during harvesting. In another instance, some grower may get around 800 grams per plant.  One good thing about super lemon haze is that it is strong and can effectively resist fungus botrytis and gray mold infections.

Growers and users especially love the sweet aroma and long lasting taste that this citrus flavored skunk and haze hybrid offer.

The real value of super lemon haze can only be discovered and appreciated when enjoy with a good vaporizer, which brings out the subtle lemon and the lingering taste of spice flavors.