Dear Oregon,

Congratulations. Don’t fuck this up for the rest of us. Make cannabis profitable and allow it to generate solid tax revenue, so that other states get jealous of your money. But don’t let the big corporate interests take control. Anyone who gets a foothold in your state will have greater means to dominate companies in other states as they start to open up and regulate. Leave room for small businesses, for new businesses. They’ve taken care of your needs fairly well so far, and they’ll likely only get better at it.

Try to be sensible about concentrates. You had left extraction unregulated until now, but along with your weed legalization comes a stipulation that solvent-made concentrates can only be processed by licensed extractors, and you aren’t going to start licensing extractors until next year.

You know and I know that prohibiting hash oil manufacturing isn’t going to stop the people of your fine state from making hash oil with butane and other combustible substances. It’s not even going to stop them from blowing themselves up.

There’s only one way to mitigate the explodey, toxic and criminal side effects of a concentrate market: a mixture of education, regulation, and market guidance. If pot shops sell concentrate at a decent price that is required to be lab tested, then most consumers are going to go for the wax they can trust. And that will make it a lot harder for tane soup napalm kitchens to get into the market. Which means they’ll have a lot less incentive to blast off.

Enjoy your day. Dab and smoke good stuff. Don’t fuck it up.

Dabs Magazine