Eccentric Denver business owner and City Council candidate Kayvan Khalatbari, whose campaign has previously involved skipping debates and following around Colorado Governor Jim Hickenlooper in a chicken costume, is now advertising to voters (and arguably, stoners in particular) through flyers attached to pizza boxes.

Khalatbari’s platform includes involves increased investment in public transportation, affordable housing, the hemp business, and cannabis reform in Denver. His website claims intentions to push back the mandatory closing time for area dispensaries and reducing the number of marijuana-related police citations, which saw a “471 percent increase” from the first quarter in 2013 to the same period last year.

The prolific candidate not only co-owns the franchise Sexy Pizza, upon whose boxes his flyers declaring “I’m A Real Person” have been taped, but also co-owns the city’s oldest dispensary Denver Relief.

As of March, Khalatbari has out-funded the other candidates seeking the same seat, though he currently has less money going toward his campaign than the incumbent council member. However, this flamboyant and stoner-friendly tactic might give him an edge in May’s election.