Here’s our thoughts on a few different products we tried from Abosulte Xtracts this week.


A little stronger tasting than some oil cartridges, but the taste was sweet and terpy – not the dieselly flavor the strain’s flower gets its name for. Absolute’s oil has been tested at close to 70% THC, making theirs some of the strongest on the market. The company’s press release claims they contain no additives and are also tested for mold, bacteria, and pesticide residues, and the vaping is clean and powerful.

We could have kept hitting it awhile longer for flavor alone, but it’s probably a good thing we didn’t because when Sour D came on, it came on strong. I took four big pulls and the high slowly crept up over the next ten or fifteen minutes.

Like a good sativa, the oil gave me a kickstart. The first wave was euphoric. Walking down the street, the sound of rush hour traffic on the road was better than music. The mechanisms that make a car move forward were fascinating to consider, and I realized I’d never really thought about them before. That kind of bright-eyed stoner stuff.

Second wave was creative, got a lot of ideas for another story I’m working on, which I jotted down. On sober reflection, I found that some of them were pretty good. Then I went for a long swim. The Diesel didn’t slow me down at all, but combined with the cannabinoids and opioids your brain makes while you exercise and gave me a mellow heightening of the senses while I did my laps and after.


The apparatus, made for swappable cartridges, comes in a fairly standard package – pen, charger, snapcase. The pen’s durable, but lightweight enough so you can carry it in your pocket if you want to. And I haven’t had any problems with leaking cartridges. I’ve taken about 100 pulls off it so far and haven’t had to recharge or go to another cartridge. Absolute’s press materials say every cartridge should give you about 200 hits and you’ll get about 400 from every charge.


Just so happened one of our staff members Tink (@thedabfairy) was instructed by her doctor not smoke or vape anything for a few days, so this was a perfect time to test out Absolute Xtract’s THC spray. She used it once every half-hour or so, spraying it under the tongue and letting it absorb into the sensitive area through her skin. After about twenty minutes, she started to catch a nice sativa buzz, making her “more aware, more alert, more focused.” The flavor wasn’t medicine-y or additive-filled, but just tasted like oil.

Tink’s currently coming off a back surgery (that’s what prompted the doctor’s no smoking order, as coughing could mess around with her vertebrae) and found the spray to have medical benefits as well. It dulled her back pain to the point where she stopped taking her painkillers and took off her brace, quelled her back spasms, and gave her reprieve from the nausea she’d been experiencing.

All in all, we found the products from Absolute Xtracts to be of quality. They’re extractors who care about their product and have the capabilities to meet their own standards, which is a rare find.


Photos courtesy of Absolute Xtracts