Most peeps in our country still don’t know what dabs are. Ask a random on the street if they know what wax or shatter or an oil rig are and, if they do know what’s up, they’ll probably mention something along the lines of what the nightly news runs when they talk about dabs: “Explosions,” “dangerous chemicals,” “burn wards,” “suspects in custody.”

That’s why it’s always super cool to see some media outlet outside of the weed journalism biz spotlighting the positive attributes of dab culture. A latest example comes from a not-too-unlikely place: celebrity rapper and Chalice Cup featured act Action Bronson, as well as the most-edgiest mainstream news site/channel/mega-news-superstructure VICE.

In a deleted scene from Bronson’s VICELAND foodie-travelogue show Fuck, That’s Delicious, the chef-come-musician takes a behind the scenes tour of Seattle’s X-Tracted Labs. There, Bronson basically treats the dab concoctions he vaporizes as if they were dishes at a five star restaurant. He comments on diverse flavors and actually mixes a batch of his own with a whole slew of terpenes that taste like menthol, coffee, “C95 intake,” oleander and sour apple.

“That’s a fucking great flavor… Fucking science,” Bronson proclaims after his taste buds and brain buds have processed a hit of his creation.

By focusing on the actual process of making hash oil, instead of the occasionally tragic or criminal outcomes of the product, the piece shows a really different perspective on dabs for the mass media. Cannabis concentrates can be creative, scientific, safe and fun, as opposed to hazardous, nasty, criminal and sleazy.

The VICE Motherboard article that showcases the video takes a few paragraphs to explain just what concentrate is and how it’s both used and made. Hopefully that means that, instead of a news segment of a lab exploding to scare up some ratings, this cool, funny, legit peek at the making and smoking of extracts is how a load of newbies are introduced to the wide wide world of hash oil.