Rapper and dabbing icon Action Bronson was arrested in Kosovo after smoking a joint on stage and throwing it at the crowd. Bronson was performing at the Sunny Hill festival. A video was taken of him lighting the joint.

Bronson is not shy about consuming cannabis on camera. In fact, he’s famous for itBut the Queens artist might have miscalculated this time.

Authorities reportedly arrested the rapper right at the venue on August 11, but was already out of custody by the next day. That’s according to TMZ, which also published a somewhat shaky translation from the local police spokesman, reading: “Following the interview with the competent prosecutor’s order the same was released.”

Bronson is an outspoken fan of cannabis use, and one of very few celebrities who have publicly embraced dabbing. At a panel on the cannabis business at ComplexCon 2016, Bronson commented on how cannabis hash helped him in his life.

“I’ve been high for 20 years. It got me through a lot of times,” he said. “I’m an only child, so I’m very creative. I have to make things up in my life, like a friend here or there. Weed helps. It enhances everything with imagination in life and art and creation.” Watch the full video at the top of the page.

He’s also taken steps towards normalizing the use of concentrates. For example, in some bonus content for his VICELAND foodie-travelogue show Fuck, That’s Delicious, the rapper sampled concentrates, commenting on their flavor as if they were fine cuisine.

He did a similar thing in a video for website Frank151, where he proclaimed he was doing his 36th dab of the day, before commenting that one of them “Tastes like Rice Crispies. Like a bowl of fucking Rice Crispies. I like that. My favorite thing in the morning is Rice Crispies.”

Photo via Flickr user Coup d’Oreille