Even though Action Bronson’s new album has over 6 collaborations, he was still asked why he doesn’t collaborate with many other artists.

“Don’t get it wrong. I’m not opposed to working with people, but do I wanna go out of my way to chase somebody to work? I’m open to working with people like that,” Bronson told HipHopDX. “If I want to work, I’ll work with them. We’re not just gonna fucking work because we’re rappers now. What the fuck is that? When you meet me, you don’t have to say, ‘Let’s work.’ Could we just talk about something else? Naturally when rappers meet, ‘Yo, we gotta get in the studio.’ No. Why? Sometimes you just don’t have to get in the studio, smoke a blunt, chill. See how things go here. I don’t wanna go out of my way ’cause there’s times you go out of your way and you’re let down.”

Bronson also shed some light on the amount of rappers that are copying off one another’s flow.

“Look at what [Bobby] Shmurda did, that was a Lloyd Banks song, right? I don’t understand that with rap,” he said. “It’s becoming like reggae. With reggae everyone uses the same rhythm, but they always change it up. Two different artists are never gonna sound like they’re using the same flow on that rhythm.”