America’s best white plus-size actor interviewed America’s best white plus-size hip-hop artist for a recent issue of Interview Magazine. The resulting discussion was like a snowman. Bronson – the enormous in body and soul hip-hop artist – was the bottom ball, the slightly smaller but no less talented, white or round Hill made the middle torso snowball, and the top snowball was the truth – pure as the driven snow and peering out through knowing charcoal eyes. These two dudes got each other and their convo was sincere and revealing.

Platitudes were skipped and surface-level questions were ditched in favor of getting to the real nitty gritty. Hill said that he’d gone bananas years ago for the Blue Chips mixtapes, but when he heard 2013’s album Saaab Stories he was a little disappointed. Said the actor, “I love ‘Alligator,’ but I wasn’t sure if it was actually capturing as a whole what I loved about you.” Bronson agreed, saying, “Well, that’s exactly why that same year I put out Blue Chips 2 because I felt like I did not display my rhyming to the best of my ability on that.”

Hill went on to say that when he heard the “Easy Rider” single off of Mr. Wonderful, he knew Action was back in his zone. “I was like, ‘This is a new leaf turned.’ You’re not holding anything back… I hear this and go, ‘Okay. Fuck yes. This is Action.’” To which Bronson responded that he hadn’t fully come into his own yet, but was getting there.  “I’m just starting to get in the groove of things. I haven’t totally hit my stride yet, so there’s a lot more to come. I can sit in the big living room right here on a nice fucking leather couch from Jennifer Convertibles, and just get to do what I got to do.”

Among other highlights of the interview Hill bringing up Bronson’s infamous concert body-slams by saying, “Dude, I’m not going to bring up the body-slamming shit,” then adding that, “to me, just as a fan, I love it… It just adds to the mystique of Bronsonmania.” Bronson revealed that in fact one of the major influences for his performances was professional wrestling. “My live show is based upon ECW [Extreme Championship Wrestling],” the rapper said. “I always say that because the wrestlers used to go in the crowd and wrestle in the crowd, and it would get crazy. You might get hit with a chair, you might get a little blood on you. It was just fucking fun. I want people to have a good time. I want people to be able to touch me.”

Bronson isn’t just into the physical showmanship of live performers like wrestlers. As his moniker might suggest, he’s also been inspired by stars of the action film’s heyday.  When asked where he got his images of “absurd, absurd luxury” like “a larger man in a velour ski suit doing a somersault out of a helicopter dropping you off down a ski mountain into a split,” Bronson said, “I always watched, like, Rambo and crazy action movies, and I always wanted to be them. I wanted to be Steven Seagal and [Jean-Claude] Van Damme… I’m a mix of Van Damme and van Gogh; that’s going in the next rhyme. Oh, man. There’s something wrong with me.”