Every generation gets a handfull of god-given geniuses. Picassos, Einsteins, Jesuses. No doubt, one of the millennial generation’s chosen ones is Action Bronson. Six years ago, Arian Asllan was just a mega-talented maker and eater of foods. Then fate stepped in.

In a promo video for Bronson’s new travel/food TV show Fuck, That’s Delicious, Henry Winkler (of Happy Days and Arrested Development ) for some reason describes Bronson’s origin story thusly: “It just came to you… You’re standing there making an egg and you think ‘Oh, my god. I’m wrapping about the egg.’”

Since Bronson’s rise to one of the most likable and goodest rappers around, Mr. Wonderful has pulled in a ream of other accomplishments: opening a food truck, touring the world, presiding as one of the hash judges at last year’s bitching Chalice Festival, and, of course, starring in the VICE web series “Fuck, That’s Delicious.”

Now that VICE is going old school with a real deal cable channel VICELAND, the monolith of all things edge is blowing Bronson’s series into a full blown TV show, according to Highsnobiety.

FTD will apparently feature Bronson on tour as he eats, cooks, raps, and dabs his way across the world. The idea is to roll all of Bronson’s interests together into one big ball. The rapper tried to explain the relationship between food and rhyming like this: “I consciously made an effort to make references to food and try and bring… I’m fucking stoned but you know what I’m saying?” But you describe the show more succinctly as “Points Unknown if Anthony Bourdain hit an oil rig during commercial breaks.”

Fuck, That’s Delicious premieres on VICELAND on February 29. Check out the promo below…