On Tuesday, marijuana activists dressed up in colonial costumes and stormed congress in an attempt to get themselves thrown out of the building. The demonstrators, all members of the DC Cannabis Campaign and other local activists for marijuana, were there to protest against Republican congressman Jason Chaffetz of Utah, who recently clashed with the city over the vote to legalize marijuana in the district.

Chaffetz has taken it upon himself to try and block the initiative. In a letter sent to his counterparts, he stated that he would have the mayor of DC arrested if they did move forward to legalise marijuana. So far, he hasn’t made good on the threat, but the fight has sparked debates across the district.

DC did win the right to home rule back in 1973, but it is Congress that has the final say over what happens with the city’s budget. Federal lawmakers have made it their duty to stall the medical marijuana law for some time now and they have also stopped DC from using the city funds to pay for abortion services and needle exchange programs. Our government hard at work, folks.

Protester Adam Eidinger offered a Gandalf style glass pipe to Chaffetz as a peace offering. He said it is symbolic, a gesture of good faith, and friendship, and partying Hobbits and Wizards.

The issue here is one of respect. Protesters do believe that the Republican party respects the home rule, but that the committee needs to show people that they don’t obtuse to local democracy.

Eidinger yelled to Chaffetz saying “Accept the Peace Pipe.” Gandalf would have said, “You shall not pass.” Chaffetz, however, had already left the building. Probably couldn’t pass up a great deal, er, um, prescription, from his “provider.”