Kind of jumped the gun there. Make no mistake, the ballot measure to legalize the fudge out of marijuana did pass – statewide – but Oregon is a hippy dippy state in more ways than one. One of its hippiest, dippiest qualities is that the voters voted to legalize ganja. But another way in which the state proved that it’s fundamental righteousness and out-of-sightedness is that its landmass is roughly 53% federal property such as parks (because you can’t own land, man. It was here long before we arrived on the scene and it will remain for eons after.)

Federal parks are governed not by state authority but by federal agencies like the National Park Service and U.S. Forest Service. And, like a DEA agent in a state-licensed Los Angeles collective, federal agents belonging to these services go by federal law, which regards cannabis as a schedule I controlled substance whether they find it in Oregon or Arizona, as reported by OregonLive.

But is this little technicality loophole caveat shoe pebble going to stop Oregonian stoners from lighting up and dabbing out on camping trips? Hell no. And they might not need to worry about it much, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas H. Edmonds, the head of federal drug prosecution in the state.

Edmonds says the feds are looking for traffickers moving cannabis goods out of the state, gangs, and those who sell weed while armed or to kids – not wooks dabbing out under the stars. But that doesn’t mean a park ranger who woke up on the wrong side of the bed can’t slap a criminal charge on you if you happen to cross the border into federal land while hitting a wax-dipped spliff. So, you know, watch the f. out, Oregon.


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