Veritable best network in the game Adult Swim announced yesterday an immense line-up of new and returning content for their annual upfronts later this week. Among the bevy of slated projects are twelve pilots, six specials and an entire series from genius of China, IL, Brad Neely.

From Neely comes a new, animated sketch show entitled TV Sucks many presume will be much in the ilk of the Babycakes creators’ signature style. If you don’t know what we mean, check this out.

After that, in the form of specials, there’s going to be two more half hour installments of the-greatest-of-all-time Tim & Eric’s current project Bedtime Stories. For the first season, the men behind Cinco brought us an anthology collection nestled somewhere between your wildest dreams and most horrifying nightmares. For these new specials, expect similar feelings of unrest and uncertainty with a side order of unprompted loin stirrings.

Also on the specials front is a bit from another one of our favorite comics in the game, Jon Daly– the Untitled Golf Special. Though it may find a new name full of flash and pomp, what won’t change is the 1966 celebrity golf tournament setting. That and the involvement of Adam Scott of Eastbound & Down fame. And, oh yeah, Parks & Rec.

For pilots we’ve got a slew of new and returning faces to the network. Paul Scheer is back with a live-action called Bad Guys, and Seth Green returns with two new projects on top of his continued Robot Chicken output. All well and fun. And we hope, soon to be hilarious. But nothing excites us more than one particular addition to the already beautiful array of sextoys on display at Adult Swim. The upcoming series- from Million Dollar Extreme.

For those of you who don’t know–and we assume at this time it’s the majority–Million Dollar Extreme are a trio who started working out of Providence, RI in their college years and probably some of the funniest people working at current. Three silly little boys with stars in their eyes and protein in their bellies who’ve been going down on the world one demon at a time in their unending quest for comedy chiefdom and ball-tossing world domination. For a taste of their noxious explosions, check out Ideas Man or their Williamsburg Street Fashion interviews.

With their project and more new greatness from Tim & Eric and Neely Comics, the coming year has fast become our most looked-forward-to slate of television since Frasier and Ray went into syndication.