The good news is that Alaska’s Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office has issued its draft regulations for the on-site consumption of cannabis, which would make the state the first in the union to legally allow getting stoned in a pot shop if they are adopted by the Marijuana Control Board.

The bad news is that these regulations are so strict that they might make running such an establishment more trouble than it’s worth.

For one thing, there are limits on the amount of weed or weed products that can be purchased and consumed by one patron. These are:

  • A gram of marijuana.
  • Edibles “in quantities not to exceed 10mg of THC to any one person in a single transaction”
  • .25 grams of cannabis concentrate

So, you can get stoned, but you can’t get dabbed the fuck out. That makes sense, from a perspective of public health, but also because shop owners probably don’t want to deal with comatose dab-drunk patrons.

Over a dozen other restrictions have been added which would further ensure that no one get’s too stoned or abuses the privilege. These include many stipulations similar to those that apply to alcohol in bars with a few new ones thrown in, such as…

  • No one can consume cannabis goodies purchased off premises, so you can’t cheat that .25 gram dab cap by trying to BYO bud.
  • All cannabis goodies bought for consumption will be destroyed if they’re not consumed on site (meaning the employees will probably either smoke it or re-sell it).
  • Prices can’t dip depending on the day or hour, meaning no sales, happy hours, or giveaways.
  • No one who appears intoxicated will be allowed on the premises or allowed to purchase cannabis goods.
  • The store must “monitor patrons for overconsumption” so no one gets too intoxicated on site.
  • Patrons must be provided with “written materials containing marijuana dosage and safety information” for the stuff they’re consuming.

So, it’s stricter than a bar, but when those winter months hit next fall and Alaskans are living with three or less hours of sunlight per day, chiefing in a heated cannabis club will beat almost any other activity you can think of.


Photo of Juneau, Alaska by Flickr user Ian D. Keating