Starting from this summer, all albums will now come out on Fridays instead of Tuesdays. Since the dawn of time, albums have come out on a Tuesday yet they are released a day earlier in Europe. A decision has now been made by the IFPI or the made-up sounding International Federation of the Phonographic Industry that states that records across the world will now be released on a Friday. This means that everyone will gain access to a new record at the same time, yet the move has actually been made in an attempt to cut down on piracy which is still a priority concern for the 1300 labels who have just accepted the new rule.

After all, if someone who is from the Czech Republic receives an album on Sunday and then puts it online, it doesn’t matter when it comes out in the UK, Brazil or even Australia, because everyone can download it at the same time illegally. By releasing records across the world on the same day, labels hope to prevent this from happening. Labels also hope to increase record sales, because a lot more people purchase items on either Friday or Saturday, and so releasing new records on this day certainly make sense.

According to the American Association of Independent Music and the Canadian Department of Record Sales, they were hoping to set Tuesday as the global standard. Rich Bengloff, who is the head of A2IM has said that there are a number of reasons why Friday’s are less optimal for the U.S marketplace. Many people believe that this move will lead to a market where mainstream takes over, and that other niches will become marginalised- and this will cement the dominance of the few which is a concept that many people are against.